Clean lines, quality components and tight groups; what more could you want?

We love getting questions from our Facebook followers and one that keeps popping up is what kind of toys do we use to deliver the goods downrange. There are many who seem to think we are solely focused on tactical sniping and running sub-minute DMRs (is there really such a thing?) or .338 and .50 rifles with  mega-buck glass. Yes, we like that stuff and working with public service agencies who have the budgets to outfit their teams with that type of gear keeps our lives interesting, but we’ll never give up on having a few good bolt guns in our personal gun locker chambered in an affordable calibre. This rifle was the result of a recent build commissioned by one of our team members who no longer wishes to carry a sniper-weight rifle on hunting trips. It’s chambered in 6.5mm Creedmoor and runs like a dream.

So what kind of gun(s) do we use on the range or for hunting? Well, the answer is that it depends. Car aficionados tend to own several vehicles, some of them are no doubt more powerful and less practical than others. Similarly, we have a variety of noisy tools; some of those might have sentimental value or aren’t entirely practical but are still fun to shoot. Of course there are some guns we wouldn’t take out when we’re putting money down on the firing line (usually we bet lunch). ​

When it comes to guns our priority is accuracy, and in this modern era of high quality component manufacturing, there are many great choices when it comes to things like actions, chassis, barrels and glass. This custom-built gun not only shoots tight groups, but it’s a looker with clean lines.

The view from the noisy end.

About the calibre. Yeah, jumping on the 6.5mm bandwagon with this gun but we’re fans of the flatter trajectory and better wind performance (relative to .308). Paired with a good muzzle brake, this 6.5 produces very light recoil – can’t wait to try it with a can.

Tangent Theta scopes. We’re currently putting the Canadian-made mil-spec TT 5 x 25 56mm through its paces on a variety of platforms and will produce a long-term review at some point. Spoiler alert – it’s been flawless and a pleasure to shoot. Yes, it’s as pricey as the other big name mil-spec scopes out there, but we’re fans of the “one scope strategy.” Buy one awesome scope and run it across multiple platforms. We’re not sniping in 1987 anymore, you can easily swap your glass between guns without significant POI shifts. You can only shoot one gun at a time right? We’d happily take this scope to war or (preferably) to the range to get more free lunches.

Tangent Theta – proudly made in Halifax, NS

Calibre: 6.5mm Creedmoor
Gunsmith: John Marshall
All listed gun components supplied by and the Tangent Theta by
Barrel: Krieger 22” 1-8 RHT, fluted by JC Barrels, threaded for muzzle break by John Marshall
Action: Borden Alpine action with Borden rail
Stock: A-3 MacMillan Sporter
Trigger guard/Magazine housing: PT&G Bottom Metal
Trigger: Timney
Bipod: Harris