CQB (Close Quarter Battle)

Whether executing high-risk warrants or performing a Direct Action to save lives, CQB techniques are the bread and butter of modern tactical teams. Tactical entry teams could face a range of scenarios: from a barricaded suspect requiring a single room entry to a multi-level office complex to a passenger train using a variety of entry and clearing techniques. Add in some inclement weather and darkness and the situation becomes even more complex requiring specialized training on night vision/thermal devices.

Our 3 day Introduction to CQB is designed to introduce potential tactical team members to the basics of CQB with a focus on safety, communication, decision making, de-escalation and strategy in a variety of environments with increasingly complex scenarios. The candidates will perform CQB techniques using simulated and live ammunition.

We also offer 2 day module for:

  • CQB Refresher
  • Tubular Assaults (aircraft, buses, and trains)
  • Team Leader Training