Train the Trainer

Candidates for the Law Enforcement/Marksman Observer Instructor course will usually be nominated by their respective agencies for a training role. Our 50 hour (5 day) instructor program has a prospective trainer work alongside our own master snipers and will participate in delivering classes and organizing ranges and exercises. Candidates will also learn how to safely template ranges for live fire training events as well plan, rehearse and deploy marksman/observer teams to support tactical commanders.

Specialty 2 day packages are also available for subjects such as long range shooting, shooting in the wind, terminal ballistic demonstrations and mentoring tactical team leads with operational planning. This list is not exhaustive, we exist to provide your agency with the skills and tools to keep your officers and communities safe while using principles of de-escalation wherever possible.

We also offer 2 day modules for: Refresher, Wind Shooting and Tactical Planning.